Character Profiles

Heirs and Heiresses:

Aradia Megido (autonomyArisen)

Aradia is known by Alternia’s population as a kind and peaceful heiress. She is level-headed and calm, but does know how to fight when it comes down to it.

Tavros Nitram (adiosTellural)

Tavros appears to have no interest in ascending to the Alternian throne. He is compassionate to the fauna of Alternia, sometimes caring more for it than his own subjects.

Sollux Captor (twinApparatus)

Out of all the heirs and heiresses barring Karkat, Sollux shows the sharpest disdain for the competition regarding the throne. He’s mostly interested in science, developing incredible devices to make his daily life easier.

Karkat Vantas (carcinoGnostic)

Karkat absolutely hates the idea of his friends having to kill each other off. When he turned Six sweeps old and found out about their inevitable fate, he decided to hide away, not wanting to be involved in the massacre. He stays with his Tealblood moirail in a dense forest.

Nepeta Leijon (arsenicCatfish)

Nepeta appears to be innocent, sweet and naive, but sometimes knows more about what’s going on than anyone else. She likes to explore both the depths of the ocean and the meadows in dry land.

Kanaya Maryam (grimAegis)

Kanaya is extremely dignified. She knows the kind of privileges her blood colours grant her, and tries not to abuse them. She’s incredibly smart and strong.

Terezi Pyrope (gallowsCulmination)

Terezi is sly and graceful, and is one of the few heiresses truly interested in obtaining the Alternian throne. She’s quite cunning and could even be considered malicious.

Vriska Serket (aeviternalGrip)

Vriska, although vicious and competitive, has a very sweet and soft side to her. She despises the Subjugglators, considering their methods of ruling over the landdwellers too extreme and cruel.

Equius Zahhak (centaursTallage)

Equius is a firm believer of the Hemospectrum hierarchy. He considers most landdwellers to be inferior to seadwellers in just about every way possible, and is one of the main competitors for the throne.

Gamzee Makara (tyrannicallyCapricious)

Gamzee is a ruthless ruler, as well as a killer. The Subjugglators fully support him, and so he supports them. He will do whatever it takes to ascend to the throne, even if it involves killing every single one of his friends.

Eridan Ampora (cassiusAquarium)

Eridan is a fan of Alternian history and military. He’s quite friendly, albeit he can come off as somewhat short tempered. He’s proud of the blood running through his veins, however, and is also decided to take the throne.

Feferi Peixes (cuttlefishCuller)

Feferi is a sweet and caring troll, wishing what is only best for the Alternian empire. She thinks Alternian society has the possibility of becoming a much kinder and peaceful civilization, and believes one way of achieving this would be through having all twelve heirs and heiresses rule it together.


Jadeyr Nefite (geophyteGnostic)

Jadeyr is a Tealblood and Karkat’s moirail. She lives in a dense forest far away from most populated settlements. Her lusus is an enormous hound many times her size. She’s a master of archery.

Johnyr Erbeyn (ghoulishTrickster)

Johnyr is a Blue/ceruleanblood and Vriska’s matesprit, as well as Roseri’s moirail. His Lusus is a salamander. He’s a history fan, and loves exploring abandoned temples and caves.

Dariat Strdel (turntechGladiator)

Dariat is a rustblood, in the very bottom of the hemospectrum. He’s in an on-and-off redrom relationship with Terezi, and is Aradia’s moirail. He’s scared of his crow-like Lusus. He’s also skilled in swordsmanship.

Roseri Lylond (tentacleTrepidation)

Roseri is a violetblood. She’s Kanaya’s matesprit, Eridan’s kismesis and Johnyr’s moirail. Her huge Octopus lusus protects her whenever she’s in her underwater manor. She’s a very cultured troll, and uses his status in order to get information of what’s going on behind the curtains of the Empire.